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From the Sketchbook: Kindred Posted on 15 Sep 2012

Sketch of a fairy admiring a lawn gnome under a tree.
A fairy entranced by a lawn gnome. Another mini illustration in traditional media, this one almost free of digital trickery - just a few stars and highlights in photoshop. Pencil, india ink, watercolor, and acrylic.


PigPen Theatre/Buffalo Picture House: Bremen Posted on 01 Aug 2012

Still frame from animated Bremen short by PigPen Theatre Co.
I recently had the good fortune to work with Buffalo Picture House on Bremen, an animated short film for the PigPen Theatre Co. album of the same name.

The animation mimics PigPen's signature shadow puppetry, and the story follows an old man on his journey to refill the moon. Insanely talented musicians, insanely talented cinematographers, and my own self limping alongside like Igor with some character design. Watch the video - it's absolutely amazing.

Still frame from animated Bremen short by PigPen Theatre Co.

Still frame from animated Bremen short by PigPen Theatre Co.


From the Sketchbook: Mohawk Boy Posted on 25 Apr 2012

An illustration without a story: some guy in a hoodie.


New Work 1/21 - Bad Fish Posted on 21 Jan 2012

Here's my final for another round of sketch swaps for Ten Paces and Draw! It was [rather loosely] based on the slightly cutsier sketch by fellow illustratorAngie MacNeil. Her fishies' adorable teardrop eyes inexplicably reminded me of prison tattoos... and so I played the stream-of-consciousness art association game and ended up with...this.

Original sketch (and Angie's take on my own sketch!) below. Read more...


The Slow, Halting March of Progress Posted on 20 Oct 2011

A view of my desk, including two rare and novel artifacts. First, a proof sheet for some prints I'm going to include in the Bangor Artwalk festival - a real live art event, out in the real world (the thing that occasionally causes glare on my computer screen). I don't think I've displayed my work at a physical venue since college, so this should be a prime opportunity for some much needed sunlight and fresh air.

Second, a tablet - despite being a career illustrator and primarily a digital artist, this is the first I've owned (at least, owned with intent to use seriously) in my life. Having finally tired of painting with a mouse, and come to terms with the fact that the slightly more appealing Cintiq isn't going to "come down in price" anytime soon, I bought a Wacom Intuos 4. And now I can't remember why I was using a mouse for so long. It's halved the number of steps it takes to develop a sketch into a finished piece, and (with some luck) should help ward off the spectre of carpal tunnel syndrom.

Between these two delights and my various other responsibilities, I haven't had much time for website updating (to the consternation of the silent multitudes who hang on my every blog post), but as soon as I get a few moments free (ETA: November) I will have new art, new art news, and plenty to post about! Prepare to be riveted.


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From the Sketchbook: Kindred

15 Sep 2012
PigPen Theatre/Buffalo Picture House: Bremen

01 Aug 2012
From the Sketchbook: Mohawk Boy

25 Apr 2012
New Work 1/21 - Bad Fish

21 Jan 2012
The Slow, Halting March of Progress

20 Oct 2011
News? Cute.

10 Jul 2011


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