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Month of Love: Love is All Around Posted on 19 Feb 2015

a dog and a duck
It's Week 3 over at Month of Love! This week's theme is "Love is All Around" - we were encouraged to get out into the world and find a real life love story to illustrate, but since a) it's cooooold and b) there is no love in Maine, I stayed inside and drew a portrait of my dog and her lost love, Pato.

For a long time, my dog Tiki was completely inseparable from her stuffed yellow duck (the one she was allowed to pick out herself from the rack at the pet store). I haven't seen them hanging out much in recent months, though... I often wonder what it is that drove a wedge between them, and whether either of them misses the closeness they once shared.


Month of Love: Diamonds Posted on 09 Feb 2015

tiny oil painting
Now that February is here again, it's time for Month of Love (the weekly art challenge masterminded by Kristina Carroll). This week's theme is "diamonds."

Casting around for inspiration on the theme, I came across an article on the Koh-I-Noor diamond; once the largest diamond in the world, it was gradually chiseled down to an eighth of its original size by various owners who wished to improve upon it.

tiny oil painting

Thumbnail concept (left) and 8x10" pencil underdrawing (right).

I originally wanted to make a piece that showed a flaw as a source of power - a crack in the surface allowing access to a well of glowing light. As I started sketching, though, my character's expression turned less tranquil, and the theme shifted. I think now it's a piece about inspiration - the frustration of digging through dirt and rubble in search of the hidden idea that will be a diamond.

Be sure to check out the new Month of Love blog for more art - there's an insane roster of artists participating in the challenges this time around, and new pieces are appearing daily.


Every Day Original: Sunset Ride Posted on 16 Jan 2015

tiny oil painting

5x7", oil and acrylic ink on paper.

Here's my latest tiny oil painting, Sunset Ride, currently up for sale at Every Day Original.

tiny oil painting

Snapshots from the process: pencil/white charoal, acrylic ink, and oil glazes.

This piece was based on one of my earlier (and even tinier) drawings; sometimes a concept just needs to be revisited in color. I thought some sunset hues would fit the theme nicely.

tiny oil painting


One Fantastic Week Posted on 14 Jan 2015

one fantastic week header

Is that... could it be...??

If you're an illustrator, and you haven't heard of One Fantastic Week, you're probably missing out in the worst possible way. Peter Mohrbacher and Samuel Flegal have taken on the monumental task of putting together a weekly web show/podcast in which they talk illustration and the freelance lifestyle with various visiting artists from the fantasy/scifi community. Artists including, as of this week's show, myself! I've been watching the show for ages; the dulcet tones of Sam, Pete, and their ever-rotating cast of Special Guests have kept me company through many a lonely marathon drawing session, but I never dared to dream (even in the darkest depths of my black little heart) that I'd get to be One Of Them someday. So if you're wondering why MY week has been fantastic - wish fulfillment!

My generous hosts allowed me talk at great length about my process, my tragical life story, and my various bleak worldviews; you can check out the full video at the One Fantastic Week website or download the podcast version on iTunes.

(Sidenote: If you like the show as much as I do, consider kicking $1 to its creators over at Patreon to help keep it going!)


Every Day Original Posted on 15 Dec 2014

I was recently invited to participate in Every Day Original - a site that offers small, affordable original works of art, with one new piece posted daily.

Each artist is assigned a specific day of the month to launch their work; mine is the 16th, so my first piece will be available tomorrow! Here's a preview of the small oil painting I'll be offering this month:

tiny oil painting

A pet!

Be sure to check back in at Every Day Original tomorrow morning at 10am Eastern for a full view of the piece and a chance to possess it (along with the correlating Tiny Piece of My Soul it contains). While you're at it, check out the backlog of awesome originals from the rest of the EDO artists - there are some gorgeous pieces available that we, the internet-going public, are fools for not having purchased already.


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