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Wicked Kingdom: The King of Hearts Posted on 03 May 2015

King of Hearts oil painting by artist Wylie Beckert

11x17" oil, acrylic, and watercolor on paper

THE KING OF HEARTS, as the current pretender is known. Stepson to the old king, who was prudent and just, the new king - regrettably - takes after his mother. A hedonist and a worshipper of strange gods, he has a keen eye for inner beauty and a host of unusual appetites.

The sprawling harem at the heart of the capitol (whose construction began at his decree upon assuming the crown, and has been the ongoing financial ruin of the kingdom) is a vibrant city unto itself: home to a raucous and ever-changing population of travelers, slaves, and supplicants from the furthest corners of the world. Nights in his inner palace, however, are said to be strangely silent.

Here's my latest painting for the Wicked Kingdom deck! The King of Clubs is a few glazes away from completion, and I've already started in on the King of Diamonds (shaping up to be one of my favorite concepts so far).

King of Hearts pencil drawing by artist Wylie Beckert

The finished pencil art, 11x17"

The complete process tutorial is available to $5 backers on Patreon. Many thanks to all of you who are already following along & supporting - it's been a huge boost to know that other people are as excited about this project as I am!

King of hearts oil painting in progress


Wicked Kingdom Posted on 15 Apr 2015

King of Spades oil painting by artist Wylie Beckert

11x17" oil, acrylic, and watercolor on paper

THE KING OF SPADES, whose once-prosperous kingdom has gone to seed. In his age, he has become an ascetic -- forsaking all worldly pursuits with the exceptions of botany and gravedigging.

The battlefields of four kingdoms have disappeared beneath his encroaching gardens; it is said that the cabbages that grow in unusual abundance from those dark plots of earth sometimes have the faces of men, and are eaten only in times of great famine.

I'm generally a bit directionless with my personal work, but at last my wandering compass needle has found North: I'm undertaking a series of illustrated playing cards called Wicked Kingdom. In my excitement I've set up an official website over at www.wickedkingdomdeck.com, where I'll be gathering the finished card illustrations all in one place. It's sparsely populated at the moment, but I've got a ton of art in the works for this deck, so keep an eye out.

And YES - this is all leading up to the release of an actual playable deck down the line. That will probably happen later this year (or early next), so if you want to be kept in the loop, I highly recommend joining the mailing list.

King of Spades oil painting by artist Wylie Beckert

The finished pencil art, 11x17"

I'll be painting all of these cards traditionally and, because I'm always getting questions about my traditional technique, I'll be documenting the process for each card in a series of process tutorials, which I'll be making available via Patreon. I've already assembled the first tutorial - a write-up of my process for the King of Spades - and I'm making it available for everyone for free (link here) as a sample of the content I'll be offering my Patreon supporters alongside each finished painting. I'm expecting my process to evolve over the course of these illustrations (I'm already figuring out a few tweaks and shortcuts), which should help keep things exciting if you're following along.

King of Spades oil painting by artist Wylie Beckert

A preview of my mixed-media working process... check out the tutorial for more.

I'm also planning some more in-depth tutorials on some of the aspects of my process (stretching paper, spray matte medium, etc) that people tend to get curious about. So! If you've ever been confounded my the mysteries of my techniques and wish to see more, a few bucks on Patreon will buy you all my secrets and, of course, a firm handshake when next we meet (non-supporters receive clammy, limp handshakes almost exclusively).

become a supporter on patreon

King of Spades oil painting by artist Wylie Beckert

In case you can't tell, I'm insanely excited for this thing. More to come...


New Work: Fairy Brew Posted on 06 Mar 2015

Fairy Brew oil painting by artist Wylie Beckert

Fairy Brew - 18x24" oil, acrylic, and watercolor on paper

The fairy drink is composed of equal parts mushrooms, moonshine, and madness. It is drunk the world over in humble barrows and grand fairy halls, but it is a bitter brew not suited to the palates of mortals, and wise men avoid it.

This painting was created for Krab Jab Studio's upcoming Faerie III show. If you're in Seattle this month, make sure to check it out in person! If you aren't in Seattle this month, you can just gaze sadly at the list of artists and wish you were (that's what I've been doing).

Fairy Brew oil painting by artist Wylie Beckert

The underdrawing - 11x17 pencil on Bristol paper

While I intended to do my usual exhaustive process write-up for this piece, the process on this one was particularly harrowing and involved starting over from scratch after my first attempt at the oil painting stage went terribly, terribly wrong. I learned a few important lessons (chief among them not to wait until a week before the shipping deadline to start worrying about finishing a painting) along with a lot of new swear words. All in all, though, it was definitely worth starting over - as it almost always is.

My unwillingness to dig through my documentation from this last grueling week has ensured that the origin story of this painting will remain shrouded in mystery; here's a snapshot of the (second) underpainting in progress, just to prove that it is, in fact, something I painted and not merely a fortuitous flea market find.

Fairy Brew oil painting by artist Wylie Beckert

The watercolor/white charcoal underpainting in progress.


Month of Love: Forbidden Fruit Posted on 01 Mar 2015

Forbidden Orchard oil painting by artist Wylie Beckert

Forbidden Orchard - 5X7" oil, acrylic, and watercolor on paper

It's the final, bittersweet week of Month of Love before we all return to our usual loveless programming... But on the bright side - it's only 6 months until Month of Fear.

Forbidden Orchard oil painting by artist Wylie Beckert

The pencil underdrawing (left) and ink/watercolor underpainting (right).

The theme this week was Forbidden Fruit; I thought non-monogamy fit the bill. Our peculiar societal conventions dictate that when one finds oneself in the midst of a vast orchard, one must take only one apple...

Forbidden Orchard oil painting by artist Wylie Beckert

The oil painting in progress.


Month of Love: Love is All Around Posted on 19 Feb 2015

a dog and a duck
It's Week 3 over at Month of Love! This week's theme is "Love is All Around" - we were encouraged to get out into the world and find a real life love story to illustrate, but since a) it's cooooold and b) there is no love in Maine, I stayed inside and drew a portrait of my dog and her lost love, Pato.

For a long time, my dog Tiki was completely inseparable from her stuffed yellow duck (the one she was allowed to pick out herself from the rack at the pet store). I haven't seen them hanging out much in recent months, though... I often wonder what it is that drove a wedge between them, and whether either of them misses the closeness they once shared.


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